What is Assault and What Should You Do if Facing an Assault Charge?

Were you involved in an altercation in the Seattle area where it escalated and police got involved? Being charged with an assault in Washington is a big deal. There are potential serious consequences, including penalties like jail time and probation. Seattle’s Miller Law Group LLC is here to help.
So, what is assault?  Assault is a serious offense and one that requires an attorney with experience to help you. At Miller Law Group LLC we have years of experience negotiating and trying assault cases. We know what you are up against.
You may have been acting in self defense or have had your actions were misinterpreted by the police.
According to the King County Prosecutor’s Office: “Assault cases will be filed if sufficient admissible evidence exists that, when considered with the most plausible, reasonably foreseeable defense that could be raised under the evidence, would justify conviction by a reasonable and objective fact-finder.” Interestingly, the Prosecutor’s Office filing and disposition standards say that “Prosecution should not be declined because of an affirmative defense unless the affirmative defense is of such a nature that, if established, it would result in complete freedom for the accused and there is no substantial evidence to refute the affirmative defense.”
If you have an affirmative defense, or even if you don’t, Miller Law Group LLC can help!