Family Law Testimonials

Attorney Jennifer Miller with happy clients

Grandmother Sherry and her grandson are smiling after she won custody in a hard-fought third party child custody case.


Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Ethical, Fair and Practical – Ms. Miller is an awesome attorney. She sees the whole picture, gives all possible options and then gives her recommendations. She makes you feel like you have an active role in the decision making process, that no question is stupid, and that she will fight hard for you. In a recent domestic relations/custody case she walked us through the process, helping to achieve a fair outcome for both parties, while minimizing the adversarial pitfalls that so often can occur in these types of emotionally charged cases. We are most appreciative and would highly recommend her!!”

– client (posted on AVVO, April 2015)


“Jennifer Miller is a very experienced, well rounded, and trustworthy lawyer. My trust in her is unwavering. She won my case even when it seems like the odds were stacked against us. She would dig until she found the evidence she needed to win. From the very start she laid out everything clearly as to what was going to happen. She gathered all the witnesses, evidence, and facts that she was going to need to win. Jennifer’s strong will to do what is right never veered. She is one of the most amazing lawyers anyone could ask for. She will do everything in her power to win your case. She will keep you informed, can be trusted, is very knowledgable, and will be responsive to all your questions.

-client (posted on AVVO, April 2015)


“Ms. Miller helped me transfer my felony probation between states and gave me good advice while I was facing felony charges the year prior.  She was always available to give me guidance, never treated me like I was anything less than a good person, and explained everything clearly to me in terms of what I was facing and potential outcomes during a stressful time. I don’t know what I would have done without her help and confidence in me as a person.  She talked me through a process that was extremely stressful, keeping me calm and apprised of my options short of trial.  Now that I’m trying to get off probation a few years later, she’s the person I turned to for help.  She’s the one attorney I’ve met that I trust to get results.”

-client review


“It is seldom you find someone who impresses you with their abilities on all levels. As an attorney and a person overall, Jennifer is superb. Jennifer is an extremely intelligent, hard working individual. She is professional and truly cares about her clients. I would trust Jennifer with any task and would highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues.”

– client (posted on AVVO, 2011)

Jennifer has been and is still currently playing a vital role in helping me, and my family stay safe and cared for since 2015. Jennifer was recommended to me via a high profile Seattle based attorney that did not have the “time to take on new clients”. Jennifer was immediately responsive to my phone call and complicated background. She listened. She made me feel reassured. She made me feel that I could trust her with my child’s well being and physical/mental safety. She is an attorney who is transparent from the beginning and sets all expectations on the table. She does not promise to produce perfect results or give anything outside the realm of what is within her legal ability to give. 

My family law case extends more than 10 years. My original attorney was unresponsive to my pleas for help so I cannot say enough about Jennifer as a person. She has met with me in the early mornings when I’ve had problems. She has met with me in the middle of the night when points in my life were critical. I have had several emergencies take place that were unrelated to my case and she did not hesitate to say that she couldn’t be there for me. She makes herself available. This to me says volumes about her as a human and as an attorney. 

In 2017 my husband and I needed her assistance again, this time for my husband’s first born child. The case involved parental neglect and needed immediate attention. She made time in her already busy schedule to meet with him, and again take a new client. My husband’s case produced a result of full parental custody with a safe environment for our children. Jennifer has gone above and beyond for him as well and still continues to assist us to this day.

Jennifer is an attorney that my husband and I will recommend to anyone that is looking for help. If you need help ask Jennifer. She is a kind hearted beautiful human. She is an amazing attorney. She genuinely cares for you. She is real. She practices what she preaches.

-Ashley, April 2019 (posted to AVVO)

Jennifer assumed my case from my previous counsel and saved my case. Literally. She took on a mess from work he hadn’t done in 2 years and she wrapped up my case in 8 months. It only took her that long because opposing counsel was a nightmare that literally would not respond to emails or calls. She is extremely intelligent, diligent and will fiercely and relentlessly fight on your behalf. Additionally, she is extremely empathetic and kind with her clients. Jennifer 1000% saved my case, saved me tons of money and, saved me from being found in contempt. When everything hit the fan and I was full of fear, I was so glad I had her representing me and knew she wouldn’t let me down. I have no idea what I would have done if I wouldn’t have found her. A true god send in the most stressful time of my life.

-Marybeth, November 2018 (posted to AVVO)

When I was looking for a divorce attorney I hired “the pitbull” Jennifer Miller to fight for my parental rights. She was resilient, courageous and results driven for the future of reuniting me with my daughter. Opposing counsel was unethical, making this an extremely contentious child custody battle. She professionally ripped apart the attorney on more than one occasion and stood strong when my daughter of special needs was taken across multiple state borders without proper medical attention. She is very patient and made time to answer all my worried questions. 

-Dan, July 2019 (posted to AVVO)

Jennifer was very accessible and caring. I’m a single mom and needed assistance filing a parenting plan and navigating the judicial system. Jennifer not only got me the outcome I wanted, but was also willing to work with me on a payment plan. I highly recommend her!!

-Kristi, April 2018 (posted to AVVO)