Parenting Plans and Child Custody

Child Custody

Back in the 1970’s when a couple split up the presumption was that the woman would get primary custody of the children.  With a variety of societal factors including the uptick in the number of “stay at home” dads and women who have joined the workforce, among other things, those days are gone.

If parties can not come to an agreement among themselves, the court and attorneys will need to be involved.  You will need to come up with a parenting plan to present to the opposing side. Miller Law Group LLC is ready and able to help you should this be the case.

Family Court Services and Parenting Evaluations

When most couples decide to divorce, part of the issue is a break down in communication.  Not surprisingly, when they go to mediation and child custody is at issue, it’s not often that parties can come to an amicable agreement on the issue of child custody.  When mediation is unsuccessful or the Court orders it, Family Court Services evaluates the needs of children and the ability of each parent to meet the children’s needs.

In a Family Court Services evaluation:

  • Both parents are interviewed to gain an understanding of their parenting views and skills.
  • Additional information may be gathered by observing the parent with their children, talking with a children, home visits, or consulting with professionals who have information on the child’s needs and parents’ skills.
  • Parents may be referred to community resources that can help them solve their problems or gain additional communication and conflict resolution skills that can help them with parenting.
  • Findings and recommendations of the Family Court Services evaluation are reported to parents, their attorneys and the Court.

If a case is sent to Family Court Services for an evaluation by court order you must complete the questionnaire.  Evaluations are only completed for families who have a family law case pending with the Court.  Miller Law Group can help you navigate these confusing and frustrating times.