Federal Charges: A Serious and Potentially Life Changing Issue

If you are facing federal criminal charges in Washington State, it is no small matter. Federal criminal cases are much more serious than virtually any charge you could face on the State level in Superior court.  This is for a variety of reasons.

Sanctions for federal cases are much higher than cases which are filed at the County level, where conviction results in a stay at State Prison.  Federal cases also do not allow offenders to get “good time” credit.  On State level cases, for things like certain drug crimes and non-violent felonies, offenders may earn up to 50 percent good time, allowing an earlier release if good behavior occurs.  However, a federal conviction could put you in federal prison for many years.

The state of Washington treats cases involving firearm charges quite seriously, even passing some of them along to federal jurisdiction.  If you are facing firearm charges in connection with a crime or on a stand-alone basis, please contact our firm today to speak with a Seattle criminal attorney about your case.

We can defend your federal case

At Miller Law Group we represent clients facing various kinds of federal criminal charges, including:

  • Charges brought before a Grand Jury
  • Drug Trafficking
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Conspiracy Crimes
  • Firearms Charges