Parental Rights and Paternity

Paternity, Parentage cases

Washington law RCW 26.26 outlines the paternity guidelines. This law typically applies to unmarried, heterosexual couples who have a child but may apply to same-sex couples who have a child through assisted reproductive therapy or surrogacy.

These statutes may be used to establish a “parenting plan” for a child whose parents are unmarried. These statutes give methods of establishing parentage for parents who were not married when their child is born.

Washington courts may also apply the common law de facto parentage, which allows someone who has fulfilled a parental role to a child (without a biological or adoptive relationship to the child) to establish a parental relationship. This is commonly referred to as a “third party” parent.  (De facto parentage laws may benefit the LGBT community because both members of a same-sex couple cannot be biological parent of a children born to them.)

Miller Law Group represents those involved in family law issues including custody, child support and child visitation issues, as well as divorce issues including asset distribution, alimony and where domestic violence is an issue. We recognize the emotional roller coaster dealing with family law matters can create.

Parentage issues are something we particularly enjoy, as the chance to have a loving parent or third party get the chance to make a difference in a child’s life through custody is a special opportunity.  Know that you will be in the competent hands of someone with experience who isn’t afraid to go to court to get the “right” result but who will try hard to resolve your issues without the stress of court proceedings if at all possible.