Divorce Involving Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence & Your Family Law Case

Unfortunately, not all spouses respect the personal safety of their significant others and children.  With years of experience in domestic violence prosecution and pro bono work with protection orders, Miller Law Group can help you if you are facing these issues in Seattle and King and Snohomish counties.  When a child or adult is in imminent danger of domestic violence, a court can enter a protection order to help keep them safe. There is nothing more valuable than human life.

Protection Orders: Personalized and Focused on Your Needs

Washington State courts, and King County courts in particular, exercise a zero-tolerance rule for spousal and domestic violence, allowing victims to easily pursue the protection orders. Such orders often prohibit the perpetrator from initiating contact with the threatened person or people. Additionally, that person may not be allowed to come within a specific distance of the protected person (normally 500 feet) or have contact with them.

At Miller Law Group, we are happy to do whatever we can to help you feel safe, including helping you get a protection order and navigate the court system to do so.  Located in Queen Anne, we are able to help you get the protection you need without the stress and hassle of parking down town.

Your requested protection order should vary depending on your situation. For example, it may include a “one time civil standby” to allow you to get personal items from a shared residence.  It also might involve a provision about child visitation exchanges occurring at a local law enforcement agency in Seattle, a King County Sherriff’s Office, to avoid direct contact with the perpetrator. With our legal experience, we can adapt to the unique needs of your situation. Miller Law Group is prepared to help clients pursue the course of action that best suits their personal circumstances.