A Modern Family Dispute… embryo ownership

Agreements (legal contracts) between significant others over their embryos matter. Ex of Sofia Vergara, Nick Loeb, asked to have “custody” of their two frozen embryos despite their break up.  She is content keeping them frozen. He wanted to have the embryos implanted in a surrogate and hoped to later raise them.  In November 2013 the couple had her eggs fertilized with his sperm and frozen in a clinic in Beverly Hills. Now that they are not together Loeb claims he never agreed in writing to destroy the embryos, as it would have been against his pro life views.

On Thursday he filed a lawsuit to stop her from destroying the embryos the couple created when they were together. Not surprisingly, she’s not keen on the idea of him raising their could-be children.

Ultimately what happens may depend on the judge they get.  Most would go with the contract, but a strongly pro life judge might override it.

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